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It deals with the programming languages that provide support for the scripts. Scripting can be automatically run for software applications, web pages, embedded systems, numerous games, and the use of operating system shells. Notepad++ has been in continuous development since its release, and it is free to download the software. You can take advantage of the new features that come with each new update, and you can apply upgrades and new translations as often as you like. This outstanding piece of software has quickly become one of the favorite editors for computer users everywhere. It takes notepad programming to a whole new level.

  • This plugin lets you open two file exactly side by side so you can compare them and spot the differences or similarities depending upon your requirements.
  • This means that Notepad++ is free to share and change for all users.
  • You can name Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge as an example.

Because without those two, your application will feel dull every now and then. That’s why Notepad++ developers and community users dedicate their time and energy to making the experience the best out there. Yes, Notepad++ is a popular choice for web development, thanks to its support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web programming languages. Yes, Notepad++ supports Unicode, which makes it easy to work with files in different languages and character sets. Notepad++ supports a wide range of plugins, allowing you to add additional functionality to the application. Notepad++ provides a powerful search and replace tool that allows you to find and replace text within a document or across multiple files.

You do not pay extra for anything you buy on our site — our commission comes directly from the product owner. However, you want to only download from the official Notepad++ site. This way, you avoid viruses, malware, or spyware invasion on your PC. Use the guide I provided above to download Notepad++ for free.

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Greenshot 4.3 Free A full version app for Mac, by Thomas Braun. I recommend Textmate, that works out-of-the-box just like notepad, plus you can activate more and more functions. Editra for Mac is simple, free, open-source, highly configurable. All in all, it’s my favorite Windows Notepad replacement for the Mac.

“Well, it’s impossible,” he says, “but at least I do my best.” His best, however, is an exceptional standard. Today, Notepad++ supports 78 coding languages and has been downloaded over 28 million times. Don continued to work on the prototype, and on the 25th of November 2003, he made it available on Sourceforge as Notepad++. Nearly twenty years later, it is one of the world’s most popular source-code editors and boasts around eighty thousand daily downloads. The usability is really good and it is easy to use.

Sunset Code

It’s not just for programmers, but programmers can certainly appreciate and use many of its features. The Marker feature allows you to highlight any keywords in your documents, and the multiple selection editing feature allows you to conveniently replace a same word with another word. The new version enhances CSV features and adds the Filter toolbar. It’s a best tool to analyze big data and database files.

Top 5 Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Quickly substitute certain vowels in text with other characters. Quickly replace certain digits or numbers in text with words. Quickly replace certain words in text with digits or numbers. Quickly mask bad words or replace them with alternative words.

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