How to Teach the Back Pivot Basketball Scoring Move

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Alternatively, such action is not specifically described as being legal play. Off-the-dribble or catch-and-shoot, always step into the basketball with inside foot 1-2 step footwork. When the shooter’s feet and shoulders are already facing straight ahead towards the basket, a right-handed player’s footwork should go in the left–right order. This allows the player to brake, stop and gain balance and control utilizing the dominant leg. The right foot should come forward and point towards the basket.


While speed and conditioning coaches currently are very popular, seeking help from an experienced local track coach could prove to be more effective and less expensive. Now, Bangalter has pivoted to his first solo project in more than 20 years, Mythologies, which began life as a ballet score performed at Bordeaux’s Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux in July 2022. If there is a recession and the Fed pivots abruptly, high-quality bonds could be expected to gain in value, while money market rates would fall. Both have since been acquired and have pivoted into different space tech sectors. In Pennsylvania, Democrats are looking to replicate Joe Biden’s 2020 map, which landed him the presidency with wins in the pivot counties of Erie and Northampton.

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Be sure to go vertically, and not lose a lot of your elevation by going forward. The player may jump off that foot and simultaneously land on both. On one foot, the player may jump off that foot and simultaneously land on both. The head is centered above the lower body, and your hands are about chest high with your elbows bent and your arms close to your sides. When you have the ball on the perimeter, use the triple threat position so you are in a position to pass, shoot or dribble.

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It also is a very effective way for the shooter to regain balance and control when on the run from the left, right or straight ahead. Most players keep their entire foot on the floor when pivoting. Although commonly used, this not the best bio-mechanical way to place the foot on the floor.

One-two step landing

If the ball is received with both feet in the air, the next foot to come in contact with the ground represents the first step. In either case, the player’s options are to stop after the second step or shoot or pass the ball before the pivot foot touches the ground again. Once a player stops dribbling and picks up his dribble, they can only pivot, shoot, or pass the ball.

Here, the player will perform a jump stop, where both feet are planted firmly on the floor. From here, the low post player can choose whichever pivot foot they prefer and perform either a front pivot or a reverse pivot. In basketball, pivoting is when a player stands still and only steps with one foot. The player must have the ball to perform a pivot, and the same foot must always stay on the floor. The foot that stays on the floor is known as the pivot foot.

Explaining the basic concept of pivoting combined with a short practical demonstration should do the trick to get most youth players started. You can’t reasonably expect a player that hasn’t mastered pivoting to learn the things listed above. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that young players master pivoting as early as possible in their basketball journey.

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Coaches in every sport teach players to “get low” and “stand on the ball of the foot” or “on your toes.” These phrases are metaphors to more easily explain how to perform this technique. When done correctly, it actually is the area of the foot directly behind and across all of the toes, which includes the ball of the foot, that will bear and support the weight of the body. Raising the heels off the floor automatically causes the legs to bend, making it easier and more natural to lower the body into a slight squat that provides balance, power and enhances propulsion.

Can You Pick Up Your Pivot Foot To Shoot?

Later it was applied to any central person or thing around which action revolves. The noun then came to denote the action of turning about, oscillating, or balancing on or as if on a point (“the pivot of the golfer’s body”; “a pivot in advertising strategy”). Adjectival use followed, always functioning as a synonym of the derivativepivotaldescribing things that are the pivot, that are vitally important or critical (“a pivot decision”).

One thing you should mention and pay attention to is for your players to try to maintain the same height throughout the movement. Carefully watch all players during the drill and make corrections as you go along. They then get into an athletic stance while holding the basketball close to their chest. Each player grabs a ball and lines up with a couple of feet of space between them. All of these happen multiple times per game and one thing connects them all… On the other hand, young players often have just one pace setting…

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From the tripod position, first pull the basketball into “the chin and protect position” with the elbows out. Next, with the opposite/inside leg, take a lunge step towards the top corner of the white square of the backboard and jump up off this leg towards the top corner of the white square on the backboard. The knee of the outside leg should now be lifted with as much upward thrust as possible to help increase the vertical leap off the floor. Finally the eyes, hands and fingers must remain projected and pointed at the target. Modern sports science and bio-mechanics research has shown a right-handed person’s left leg is stronger and more dominant than the right leg.

All these maneuvers can take place several times in the course of a single game. Therefore, learning how to pivot effectively will open up many opportunities to score, evade guards, and assist teammates. If your players aren’t familiar with pivoting, they’re probably very young or new to the game. Instead of panicking and committing a travel or a turnover, our hypothetical young player can stop, survey the situation, pivot into a favorable position, and safely get rid of the ball.

Why is it so Important to Learn How to Pivot?

This controlled reduction of pace buys players valuable time to make the correct decision. Knowing how to jump stop and properly pivot can be a game-changer in this situation. Old clips of Kobe Bryant or Hakeem Olajuwon — two absolute masters of footwork — can give you a great idea of how effective the pivot can be to create space or get past a defender.

  • Therefore, learning how to pivot effectively will open up many opportunities to score, evade guards, and assist teammates.
  • The two-foot jump stop allows players to gain, reestablish and maintain balance in order to transition into the next movement needed to make a play.
  • It began as a noun in the 14th century designating a shaft or pin on which something turns (“The chair turns on a pivot”).
  • Players often jab to the left or right, but sometimes it is more effective to jab directly at the spot just outside and past the defender’s foot.
  • Player shuffles feet in post area, frequently to establish position before a shot or after a rebound.

Sometimes, a player doesn’t get to choose their pivot foot. The ball-handler’s pivot foot is automatically assigned if they catch a pass or rebound while only one foot is on the floor. In that case, the foot that is on the floor is their pivot foot.

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The ball of the fob shipping point foot must be in contact with the floor at all times and must not slide sideways. When you pivot, just actually spin around on the ball of your pivot foot. After receiving the ball while progressing, a player can take two steps before they stop, shoot, or launch a pass. First, each player takes a ball and forms a line standing a few feet apart from each other. Experienced players pivot in a controlled and balanced motion, usually with the legs bent slightly. This improves balance and stability, making it easier to launch into a subsequent maneuver.


The most important part of the movement is to keep the pivot foot on the floor while turning on the plus sign. If the foot is not still in the same exact spot when you touch the right foot to the horizontal line, the pivot was done incorrectly. After that, simply reverse the right shoulder and foot back to their original placement.

Both actions would result in a traveling violation being called on the basketball player. This is why it is important to practice using the correct form for a pivot. It is important to remember that the pivot foot must stay firmly on the floor to avoid a traveling violation called. Keeping the pivot foot firmly on the floor means that a player can only step with their non-pivot foot.

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